Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy in Orange County for Men!


Newport Men’s HRT is an advanced Hormone Treatment Center for Men in Orange County.  Our practice is Exclusive to Men.  We are dedicated to treating males with hormone deficiency related to aging, illness, chronic stress and environmental factors.  Specializing in Testosterone Therapy,  Dr. Khavarian is here to help you live a more vibrant and high quality life.  Each patient is evaluated to his own specific symptoms and needs.   This is NOT a "Cookie Cutter" testosterone clinic for men looking for just a quick "Pep".  Patients are evaluated thoroughly with a complete Physical by Dr. Khavarian and an extensive panel of hormonal blood tests is performed on each patient that far exceeds the community standard of medical practice.  If you are a male 30 yrs of age or more seeking Hormone Replacement Therapy, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.